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Long Island Law has been the go to Corporate and Business firm on Long Island for many years.

 JOSEPH L. GROSSO, P.C. is available to provide for your business organizational needs.  Discuss with us, in advance, the business structure that may best provide for your needs and concerns.  What is the best choice for you?  A corporation? A partnership?  Limited liability partnership?  Limited liability company?   Sole proprietorship?  Your choice of organization is a very important step not to be taken lightly.  Protection of personal and business assets is and should be of vital concern and is well worth investigating carefully.           

Most business arrangements and relationships involve to a greater or lesser extent contracts and contractual relationships.  A contract can be as simple as verbal agreement with a handshake or as formal as a multi page written document.  Leases, car purchases and even the purchase of fuel oil all involve entering into contractual relationships.  If you are beginning employment with a company, you may be asked to sign an employment contract. 

Many every-day contracts do not necessarily require the services of an attorney, but if you are at all uncertain about the meaning of the terms in the contract, you should consult with our firm.  If you are involved in a business, and are entering into a contract to lease equipment, such as a telephone system, automobiles, office or manufacturing space or hiring employees who will be required to enter into an employment contract, then consulting an attorney for guidance is most likely to be in your best interest.  Ultimate care and concern must be given to make sure that the language in the contract accurately reflects the agreement you wish to enter into, under the present and future circumstances you are likely to encounter.  Plan ahead…


  • Choose the most appropriate form of business organization and form the correct business entity with the proper State or Federal agencies.
  • Guide you through the many decisions that are required at startup, including the election of Subchapter “S” taxation with both the State and Federal Governments.
  • Make the decision whether any written agreements are necessary to provide for control of the business entity when there may be several partners, shareholders, or members, and provide an organized process by which a business may change the number of partners, members or shareholders.  Such agreements can provide for the orderly continuation of the business in the event of the death of any of the partners, shareholders or members.
  • Prepare and file documentation with local or State governmental units when a business entity whishes to conduct business under a name that is different than the actual business entity name, commonly called a “DBA”.
  • Coordinate business entity formation with an accountant of your choosing or refer you to one of several accountants with which the firm has had a long and successful relationship.