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Personal Watercraft Accident Lawyer

Summertime is a time for all kinds of outdoor recreation that might not be possible during colder months. Water sports are particularly a summertime activity, with people making use of rivers, lakes, pools and the ocean to take a break from the heat.

And water recreation, whether swimming, diving, sailing or boating, makes for a great way to beat the heat.  Of course water sports can also be dangerous. Every summer, you’ll hear of injuries and accidents, and the nature of water sports increases the risk of serious injury. Land animals spending time in and on the water means that there is always the risk that a minor injury could turn into a drowning.

But while pools and sailboats are sometimes dangerous, and there seem to be speedboat accidents every summer that claim the life of some socialite or sports figure, one of the most injury-prone water sports is the use of personal watercraft. Whether you call it a jet ski, a ski-doo, or a personal watercraft, there are many ways they can cause injury. And if you’ve been injured while riding one, you’ll need the expertise of a personal watercraft accident lawyer to represent you.

Injuries involving personal watercraft tend to be severe. The rider isn’t secured to the vehicle in any way and can be thrown in an accident, much like a motorcycle rider can be thrown from their vehicle. And unlike motorcycles, where many riders use a helmet for head protection, many personal watercraft riders wear little more than a swimsuit or wetsuit and a life jacket.

And if the rider is at risk, so is anyone else who may be impacted by a personal watercraft. Riders are known to drive these small craft erratically and fast, increasing the chances of a collision with another craft.

A common sight on lakes and reservoirs is for riders of personal watercraft to weave in and out behind fast moving boats in order to jump their wakes. When the fast moving boat is towing a skier or tube, there’s an increased risk that the person being towed could end up in the water, right in front of an oncoming personal watercraft. This is truly a nightmare scenario. One minute a skier is slaloming along behind their tow boat and the next minute they are being run down by a careless rider.

If an injury occurs due to the operation of a watercraft, even if you were the one operating it, a personal watercraft accident lawyer can help you understand your rights. If someone else was at fault, they will have liability and a responsibility to pay for your medical care. But even if the injury was entirely your own fault, your own insurance company might refuse to pay (or pay adequately) for your medical coverage through recovery.

If you or a loved one is in need of a professional personal watercraft accident lawyer,  Long Island Law is there for you.

Engaging a personal watercraft accident lawyer is a smart way to make sure you can afford the specialized care and therapies you’ll need to recover from this injury. And if you have a knowledgeable professional representing you, you’ll be able to focus fully in what’s important… recovering,

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