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Hit and Run Accident Lawyer

Vehicle accidents are a hazard that affect many people every year. And when an accident happens, everyone knows what they’re supposed to do: Stop. Determine if anyone was injured and, if so, get them medical help. Exchange ID, insurance policies and other vital information with other drivers. Call the police and get an accident report. 

But not all drivers follow the rules. Sometimes , for whatever reason, a driver involved in a collision refuses to stop and acknowledge their involvement in the accident. Of course we all know this practice as a ‘hit and run’, and we all know that it’s highly illegal. But it happens every year in cities all across America.

The reasons people hit and run are varied, but mostly, they are trying to avoid responsibility for their actions. There are cases where a driver suffers a concussion in an accident and drives off with no later memory of the event, but this is rare. More often, a driver may have a suspended license and want to avoid the criminal charges of driving under suspension. A driver might also believe they have a warrant for their arrest and think speaking to the police over a minor fender bender will end them up in jail. And of course a driver who clearly caused an accident might simply want to avoid either paying for the damages they caused or suffering the increased insurance rates they can expect if their insurance carrier has to pay it.

But if your vehicle has been damaged by a hit and run accident, or, worse, you or someone you love has been injured in such an accident, you should secure the services of a hit and run accident lawyer to represent you.

A hit and run accident is unique in that you clearly are not at fault and yet the party at fault isn’t available to take responsibility. This unique set of circumstances can also be a trying time for your relationship with your insurance carrier, as you seek their help getting your car fixed and your medical bills covered.

A hit and run accident lawyer specializes in this unique legal situation, where you and your insurance carrier can end up on opposite sides of a legal argument. In some circumstances, your insurance provider might try to claim that there really wasn’t a hit and run and that you are somehow making a false claim. And depending on whether or not you live in a no fault state, there can be significant differences in your insurer’s level of liability. If the insurance company can muddy the waters around who is the party at fault, they can greatly change their liability, especially if they are making arguments to a jury. 

A hit and run accident lawyer knows the law where you are and can represent you against big insurance companies on an equal footing. They can help protect your rights, secure the settlement you need to get on with your life, and make sure you’re not leaving anything on the table in a negotiated settlement.

If you or a loved one is in need of a professional hit and run accident lawyer, Long Island Law is there for you.

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