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Playground Accident Lawyer

When your children are away from home, part of you dreads the sound of the ringing phone. It’s a relief when the voice on the other end of the line is benign and you can go back to your normal day. Yes there’s one call every parent dreads to receive: your child has been injured and they need you. And no matter how that call comes or what you’re doing when it arrives, you drop everything and come to take care of your child. But after the tears have dried and their injuries have been stitched, bandaged, casted and wrapped, and healed as well as possible, what do you need to do next?

If your child was injured on a playground, whether at a school, a park, or a private residence, your next step might just be to secure the help of a playground accident lawyer. Playgrounds can be very dangerous places. Kids swing and spin at dizzying speeds and build up enough kinetic energy to cause a nasty collision with a stationary object or another child in motion. Add hard metal bars, pinching pivot pints, rough asphalt surfaces, and lots of running, playing, screaming, children, and you have a whole range of hazards that could result in a serious injury for any child.

It’s almost inevitable that some child you know will suffer a significant injury while on a playground. And if your child is the one that gets injured on a playground, you should expect that their medical bills are eligible for coverage by the insurance company of the property owner.

When it comes to the safety of children, we’re all quick to agree that this is a huge priority. But you can’t eliminate all danger. When there are unnecessary dangers on a school or park playground caused by the neglect or disrepair of the facility, your child can be put into unnecessary danger. If they become injured, your only recourse for covering their medical bills and getting them the care they need to get better might be through a playground accident lawyer.

 Having legal representation ensures that you have an advocate, working to make sure you get all the help you deserve to help take care of your injured child. A professional playground accident lawyer knows the law and knows how owners, insurers and others will try to discourage you from seeking compensation or try to limit their own liability.

The parent of a severely injured child might be struggling to cope with their child’s injuries and might simply not be thinking about the financial realities that they need to be aware of in order to ensure their child gets premium care. Insurance companies will try to dismiss your claims. They will try to discourage you from pursuing damages, and they will even mislead you about your rights. With your own playground accident lawyer fighting for you, you can leave this responsibility in the hands of a competent representative and focus your attention on the well being of your child.  

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